A little history of Matt Dunne


Matt has been drawn to working with cameras ever since he was 9 years old and discovered stop motion animation with blue tac and army men. Fast forward a few years Matt made his way through VCE focusing all of his subjects to lead him on the creative career path. He was told at his university interview that he didn’t have what it would take to become a graphic designer and didn’t get into the course he was hoping. However, a week before TAFE began Matt received a phone call to say they had a drop out and he was the next in-line if he was willing to take the position?

After little thought Matt said yes! and from there Studied a Diploma of Visual Arts (Multimedia + Graphic design), Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Graphic Design + Multimedia) and finally a Bachelor of Communication Design + Multimedia. From here Matt began his career at the Cotton On Group - Where he grew from a Junior Designer to an Accomplished Film Maker and Photographer.

As a Senior Film Maker, Matt helped create Campaign Ideas from Concept through to finished products. With the amazing opportunity to travel all around the world shooting documentary style video work with the Cotton On foundation, 7 Years had passed by and it was time for Matt to do what he had always wanted and work on his own business.

Over the last 12 Months he has been building and developing a photography, video and floor plan service for Real Estate agents around the Inner West of Melbourne. Matt became part of this business because he could see a lack in story telling and not a lot of focus in crafting something special when selling homes. Lets see where he can take it in the coming years.


165 Maidstone - Developer Lifestyle video. This video received over 75,000 views with in it’s 4 week campaign.

Altona Lifestyle

Not just your everyday property video. We worked closely with JA to tell his story along with selling the lifestyle of what Altona has to offer. We came up with a strategy to cover all bases. A Hero video that can be constantly updated for any new builds, Standard Property Video, Location Video talking with local business owners as well as Styling with another local small business owner. Pulling all these parties together is integral to the success of this campaign.

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Work History

Small dog design (2007)

While working at small dog I had undertaken various jobs including: Newspaper adverts, brochures and business identity.
It was my first look into a small design studio, the small team collaboration is exactly what I thrive on.

Haida (2008 - 2011)

Haida was a local cocktail lounge in Ballarat, here I met many new and different people. Long night hours till early morning sunrises. I worked not only behind the bar shaking up a storm as a manager. Here I had the opportunity to work my way up and learnt the skill of managing people and handling relationships, leading a team of 15.

Cotton On Group Graphic Designer (2010 - 2013)

It is at the cotton on group I feel I have learnt the most about the fashion industry, I have had the chance to have complete art direction of menswear and given large responsibilities to manage timeframes. During this time I created art for Cotton on Adults, Cotton On Kids and typo.

Cotton On Group Senior Film Maker (2013 - 2017)

Over my time as the Senior Film Maker, I’ve never been so challenged in my career to date. I travelled the world and documented stories from Uganda, Bangladesh, China and many more. I managed to learn in this job every single day and collaborated with many clients throughout the entire business. I feel Privileged to have worked with such a cohesive and collaborative team. Day to day we worked on campaign content, strategies + film production for all brands with in the cotton on group.

BWRM Melbourne West - Director (2018 - Present)

Over the last 12 Months I have been developing a business from the ground up, finding my own clients, building strong relationships and creating innovative content for the real estate industry. In just under 12 Months I have been able to establish a very successful business that operates just how I’d like it to with my calm and easy going nature. It’s here where I’ve learned that being a creative isn’t just about creating beautiful stories and content. It’s a real focus on relationships and earning respect.

Freelance - Creative Director (2008 - current)

Outside of BWRM I run a second business. Over the last 10 years I’ve found my passion has only become stronger and my will to solve problems has been challenged every day and I find that fun and exciting. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and other companies in this time. I’ve developed corporate branding cd packaging, film clips, character animation, campaign photography, ecommerce photography, poster design, illustration and video campaign strategies. for Big corporate companies as well as Small businesses.



Advanced Skills in:


Awards + Achievements


EYE Exhibition
Event branding competition

University of Ballarat, 2009.’


University of Ballarat, 2008.


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